Sunday, 7 August 2016

Shoreline's mobile activities at Capel Bangor Show

Shoreline's mobile Archery & Target Shooting at Capel Bangor Show 

The sun shone and lots of people turned up at this year's Capel Bangor Show near Aberystwyth. 
Shoreline were delighted to be asked to attend by the organisers and we ran Archery and Target Shooting all day which was free of charge for the public.

We ran over 500 sessions during the day with many people comi9ng back time and time again. A massive range of ages from grand parents to 4 year old's took part I. what was great fun for all the family.

Customers got to shoot some of our sprung loaded Mosberg Shotguns and gas powered Glock pistols against a range of targets which gave a satisfying 'ping' when hit.

We took a range of Archery equipment, different sized bows, different length arrows and protective equipment so that our instructors could match the size of the person to the correct equipment.

We saw quite a few Golds (bullseyes) scored and some people really seemed to get the Archery bug, coming back time and time again.

Shorelin has mobile LaserTag and Nerf Wars arenas as well as our mobile Archery and Target Shooting and are happy to attend all sorts of events in Mid Wales.
Contact us if you'd like us to come to your event.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Our FREE e-magazine is now available!

Shoreline's FREE e-magazine: Edition 1

Shoreline will regularly be publishing a FREE e-magazine - the first is ready for viewing right now by click here.

Each issue will contain some funny stuff that's amused us recently, useful information about the local town, new stuff happening at Shoreline, a look at our activities, competitions, free stuff, discounts, videos, pics and more.

It's no Newsweek or Rolling Stone....but its worth a look for 5 mins whilst having a coffee.

Feel free to Share, the e-Magazine on your Social Media and if there is anything you'd like to see in future editions then drop us a line.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Shoreline's Mobile Activities - we can come to you!

Most of our activities are mobile, meaning that we can come to your event or occasion and provide a range of fun things to do - and it costs a lot less than you may think.

Mobile Activities:
 - Nerf Wars using inflatable bunkers
 - LaserTag using inflatable bunkers
 - Archery
 - Target Shooting
 - Team Building Challenges

Who uses our mobile activities?:
 - Schools....LOTS of schools!
 - Village fetes
 - Agricultural shows
 - Birthday Parties
 - Town Carnivals
 - Company Team Building/Activity days
 - Music Festival

We can set up in around 1 hour. We complete full Risk Assessments and have Public Liability Insurance cover.

Mobile Nerf Wars and Mobile LaserTag

We can pop up an inflatable field to play Nerf Wars or LaserTag on and allow hundreds of players take part in a day. Its great fun and all ages can take part in both activities.

Our mobile Nerf and LaserTag has been very popular this year for village fetes, agricultural shows, school activity days and we've even done several private parties in gardens. 

Mobile Archery

 We can set up a mobile Archery range almost anywhere that has enough space. We have archery equipment for both adults and children and can have up to 12 archers all shooting at one time.
If the weather isn't great, we erect pop up marques so that the shooters are under cover which insulates us against any bad weather. If it's raining, the show goes on!

Mobile Target Shooting

Such good fun!
We set up a mobile shooting range with a variety of weapons including a Gas powered Glock pistol, .22 bolt action rifle and fun Mosberg Airsoft Shotguns. Our instructors ensure safety is paramount and will even teach you how to shoot properly. 

Team Building Activities

We run team building activities for kids or adults and can bring all the equipment to you. Our adult version is popular with companies who want some fun activities for a few hours which will also have some commercial benefit to the business. Our activities are designed to get people communicating and working together in order to complete a task, often in competition against other teams. 

We have a massive array of tasks that we can choose to build your program from from very physical challenges to very sedate and more mentally based tasks so we can design the activities around the business so the challenges are appropriate. 

The children's version is very popular, with recent days run during Half Term selling out. Our Kids Team Building courses can be designed for ages 6 to 16 and can be set up in a modestly sized place. Perfect for school activity days and village fetes - kids absolutely love the challenge. 

If you'd like to find out more about our mobile activities, give us a call and have a chat on 01970 880 541 or email

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Explosives and chickens don't mix!

Can you instantly cook a chicken using explosives?

The Shoreline activity centre in Aberystwyth sets out to answer this very important question!

(Spoiler alert: We're not sure....we couldn't find any chicken after the explosion to see if it had cooked or not)

Today everyone on our Mailing List was emailed the chance to win a FREE session at Shoreline Aberystwyth worth £185!

To make sure you don't miss out on the next prize giveaway or competition, click here to be included.

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